Yes You Can

Yesterday, while I was at my tennis drill, I noticed a woman on the court next to me. The same 6 women have played next to us for years, but yesterday I had the chance to watch them for a minute or so. They are very talented players, but there was one woman in particular that caught my eye.

This woman is probably about 5’4″ and could get whisked away by a strong wind, but she hits the tennis ball with the force of a 200 lb. man. This group is always fun to watch, but this particular woman’s power, given her size, really amazed me. It honestly didn’t match up in my head.

I think she’s a great metaphor for you and me. At first glance, I made a judgement of what she was capable of, given her size, but I was 100% wrong. What judgement have you made about yourself, negating what you’re capable of? What if you were to find out that you’re wrong? How have you finished the sentence, “I can’t…” Is it “get ahead,” “lose weight,” “get promoted,” “switch jobs,” etc.? What if someone told you, “Yes you can!”


Beth Fitzgerald

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Image by vidmarsimon from Pixabay

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