Playing Offense

Doug, his mom, and I went to Montclair State University last night to watch our daughter’s lacrosse game. She plays for Stevens Institute of Technology. It was a great game and refreshing to be outside, but definitely cold!

As I watched both teams trying to score, I noticed how difficult it can be to make that happen. Every time a young woman would begin her drive to the net, a defender (or three) was there trying to stop her progress. It took a lot to penetrate the defense. It took persistence, it took creativity, and it definitely took courage. What’s the old adage? “Nothing good comes easy.”

Think about how you and I are exactly like these offensive players. We know what we want, but there are so many obstacles in our way. It’s scary to even think about, so often times we don’t even try. That’s right, WE- DON’T- EVEN -TRY! List a few of the things that you have procrastinated on or maybe even dismissed as possible, because all you can see are the obstacles in your way. Me, too! Now imagine watching game where all of the offensive players felt this way! There would be a lot of hemming and hawing but no action and certainly no results. Scoring only happens when we are persistent, creative, and courageous—in lacrosse and life!



P.S. Some of you asked for the link to Home Front, from yesterday’s post. Up to $58 now.

I wish this had been female lacrosse, but no such luck!

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