A Micro-Change

The other night while I was in Hoboken, I took a walk along the river. The New York skyline was so beautiful with all the light of the buildings and the backdrop of the dark sky. What grabbed my attention was all of the buildings lit up in the colors of the Ukraine to show support. At first, it made me so happy to see this unified support, but then I got a little sad. We were supporting them in spirit, but given the atrocities, I felt like that wasn’t enough. I really don’t get war.

That made me think about me and how I could make the world a better place—not globally, but I guess that, too. I was thinking more in a micro sense. I thought about all the relationships in my life that were less than harmonious. I thought about how petty they look now in realtion to the Ukraine. How does the saying go, “If you aren’t part of the solution then you’re part of the problem.” Hmm, O.K.

So today, I have decided it’s my job to make the world a more loving place. I can’t fix the Ukraine, but I can fix all the things related to me. If I release my anger or frustration, doesn’t that change the vibration of the world just a little bit? “Be the change,” right? What if we all picked one person we could be way more loving to then we currently are—what would happen then? Good things, I’m sure.



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