Think Again

I was speaking with a friend the other day, and she was sharing how someone made her feel. It was a story about judgement. I can’t remember what her friend said to her, but I believe the unkind comment was said in jest—which doesn’t mean it didn’t sting—but that was how it was delivered. We’ve all had such a instance, and maybe you, like me, thought about those words for a long time. Those thoughts are never good.

Fortunately, I had just read a great chapter in Conversations with God by Neal Donald Walsch which had an answer for this exact situation. He wrote, “When you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts—thoughts that negate your highest idea about a thing—think again!” What is your highest thought about yourself? Think that! What if we always thought our highest thought? Can we discipline our mind to think the most positive, highest, and best thought about ourselves? Yes, yes we can!

Additionally, Walsch suggests using an “I am” statement. There is no more powerful statement than that! Release the doubts, reject the fears, and create the most empowering thoughts you want to hold true for yourself. Whatever you say after, “I am” is the most powerful statement in the universe, so it really does matter what you say. How will you finish, “I am…,” today? Will you say, “smart,” “funny,” “beautiful,” or something else? Start each day with an intentionally strong I am statement and see how things change.



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