Toss The Wrinkle Cream

The other day I wrote about using, “I am,” to begin a sentence so we can think the highest possible thought about ourselves . I suggested this because it is human nature to think thoughts that are no where near the highest and best possible thought about ourselves.

The one example I wanted to suggest to you, but knew it was best to make it it’s own post is, “I am beautiful.” Can you say that about yourself without cringing or recoiling? Does “I am beautiful,” feel like it doesn’t slide out of your mouth as easily as maybe, “I am smart” or “I am kind?” I struggle with this sentence too, but when I say it about my family and friends, it rolls off my tongue with ease because I know it’s the truth.

Today, I would love it if you sat in these words—I am beautiful—and think of all the ways it it is undeniably true about YOU. Physical beauty is lovely, but it’s our internal, soul-driven beauty that captures peoples hearts. That’s the beauty that regardless of how old we are and how many wrinkles we have, others see it, feel it, and want to be close to it. So let’s toss our wrinkle cream in the trash and think about all the ways we can become more beautiful today, from the inside out!



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