Motivational Monday!

I went out to breakfast yesterday with my husband at a local joint eponomously named Aunt Chubby’s Luncheonette. It’s a great spot if you ever find yourself in Hopewell, NJ. On our table was a little metal stand holding a card about Aunt Chubby’s philanthropic mission to help “food justice.” On the card explaining the mission of The Chubby Project, was one word in all caps: NEED. Well, you know that got me thinking!

Doug and I talked about the word NEED and how it grabbed my attention. It didn’t grab it in a needy sort of way either, it simply seemed to jump out in its contrast to the word WANT. A need is a necessity, a want is not. Food is definitely a necessity. The Chubby Project identified a need, not for itself, but for others, and we can all learn from that in so many ways.

Look at those around you, at work and those outside of work. Are you a leader? Have you identified the needs of your team—THEIR needs, not your needs for them. Have you indentified the needs of your family members? Some needs are tangible and others are not. It’s the intangible needs that are the ones we should spend some time trying to identify. Some people need guidance and direction, others need support, and some simply need love. Taking the time to ascertain someone else’s needs is huge. This is a completely different take on needs versus wants—this time needs are really important. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to look at your own needs!



P.S. And if you want to throw a few bucks toward the, I doubt they’ll mind.

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