Friday’s Quote

“Just breathe. You are strong enough to handle your challenges, wise enough to find solutions to your problems, and capable enough to do whatever needs to be done.” Guatama Buddha

Yesterday, around rush hour, my daughter got a flat tire. It was her first since learning how to drive 10 years ago, which is a nice run. As anyone would be, she was upset. Fortunately, we have AAA, so although it was a big nuisance, everything was quickly under control to be resolved. Her boyfriend, who happened to be 4 hours away at the time, sent her the best advice via text, “I know it stinks right at this second, but eventually you’ll be glad to have had the experience.” Right on!

A friend called me the other night with a work problem. He wasn’t looking to me for answers, he was simply venting. I spoke to him a little bit about our “unhealthy attachments.” That’s why coaches and mentors are so helpful, we don’t have the attachment to the problem—that’s what creates the internal turmoil and what makes it so hard to fix. We get emotionally attached and its hard to separate ourselves from the mess.

These are just two examples of how Buddha’s quote applies to all of us. We are already strong enough, wise enough, and capable enough—we simply need to step back so we can see it. And what would our problems look like if we weren’t attached to it? It’s the attachment to the outcome that causes all of our angst. We will talk more about attachment next week, but for now, let go! Life is good! Your life is amazing right now, even if you have a flat tire or a nutty boss! Look around you! Your life is amazing!!



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