Smell The Roses

We are often, maybe even daily, talking about our to-do list. I love my to-do list, it keeps me focused on what I want to accomplish on any given day. And at the end of the day, when I have crossed everything off that faithful list of mine, I feel at peace knowing the day was a success. Every day is not a great day, but my list helps me remain focused and on task.

Unfortunately, that list can also be a source of angst as it reminds me of what I haven’t quite gotten to yet. It nags at me daily for all the things I want to get done but haven’t yet because of one of many excuses—time, money, experience, confidence, procrastination, etc.

So today, I want each of us to write out our To-Done list! What’s our “To-Done list,” you ask? It’s the list of what we have already accomplished! Look back over the last 6 months or year or whatever timeframe you choose, and start writing. We’ve DONE a lot, but we fixate on the to-DO list so much that it’s a constant reminder that we haven’t quite finished everything. Guess what? We are never going to finish everything, so we might as well stop and smell the roses every once in a while! We are killing it over here and we rarely, if ever, stop and pat ourselves on the back. Well, today is that day! WELL DONE, my friend, WELL DONE!


(See how excited I am about all that you’ve accomplished!)


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