Are You Brave Enough To Look

Last night, on my monthly book club—The Wake Up Call, we talked a lot about what holds us back. We talked about our self-sabotaging patterns and ways to get around them once these patterns have been identified. It’s amazing how eye-opening it is to pinpoint these almost silly patterns we create and how easy (not simple) it is to overcome them.

What I didn’t get to last night was the excerpt from May 30th in The Wake Up Call. The question I ask on May 30th is, “Are you happy?” We get caught up in all of the business of our everyday life and we forget to stop and ask ourselves, “Am I Happy?” And very often, the answer is, “Not really.”

Today is a great reset day. Look at your life right now and ask yourself, “Am I happy?” Most people will be happy in some parts of their life, but not all. Where are you most unhappy? What can you do to change this? Just like the self-sabotaging patterns I talked about earlier, looking into our happiness is equally eye-opening. We can create more happiness by recognizing where we are most unhappy—it’s easy but not simple. The first and most important step is to take the time to identify and accept where you are not happy. We don’t like to look there, but if we’re brave enough to look, then we’re brave enough to fix it.



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