Good vs. Evil

The other day I was talking to my postal delivery person and we agreed that people are terrible, maybe even abhorrent. Nice Tuesday morning chat, huh? The thing that precipitated this warm and fuzzy conversation was that my identity was stolen and some credit cards were issued in my name. That required me, among MANY other things, to speak to my postal delivery person to make sure nothing gets forwarded from my mailbox. Neither one of us used the word “terrible” or “abhorrent” but that’s what we’ll use here, LOL.

What I quickly realized as I agreed with her about how despicable people can be, was that this small group was ruining it for all the good people that are out there. So I told her, “No they’re not—there are people like you that make up for all the other “abhorrents” out there.

There are bad people in the world, for sure. They do bad things. But if we allow them to taint our vision so much that we don’t believe good exists anymore than they win. Wherever that person is who tried to steal from me, I’m sorry this is your life. You didn’t make Tuesday easy, but I had a few lovely conversations with two banks, I had a few great laughs with my USPS delivery gal, I spent an hour at my bank with two amazing ladies, I had a wonderful phone call with Doug’s work colleague who had his identity stolen previously, and I even spoke to a lovely man at Social Security. You didn’t win. I learned a lot as well. Good overcomes evil. I will always believe this. See the good.



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