Friday’s Quote

“A dog doesn’t try to give advice, or judge you; they just love you for who you are. It’s nice to have someone who will just sit and listen to you.” ~ Charlie Brown

Who doesn’t love the Peanuts? I feel like I have a particular affinity toward them since Charles Shultz and I share the same birthday—fun fact. And who doesn’t like Charlie Brown? We are all rooting for him, although he usually has a rough go of it. Thank goodness he has Snoopy!

I guess the beautiful part of a dog is the fact that they don’t talk. They have to convey everything in some other way because the spoken word isn’t available to them! Ahhh!! Wouldn’t it be great if we humans could practice that from time to time? Silence, just listening, and conveying our love for another human being simply by listening to them. We can learn a lot from dogs.

So today, whether you are at home or in work, be the dog! Don’t try to give advice or judge. Just love the person in front of you for who they are. Sit and listen without the thought of responding. Channel your inner Snoopy. Say nothing. See what happens. It just might be amazing!


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