Coyote Real

The other day, in my very sleepy town, we had some real excitement. I heard my daughter’s dog barking. That, in and of itself, was not unusual, but this bark was different, so I went outside to investigate. I wasn’t expecting anything extraordinary, but what I saw was absolutely terrifying—15 feet from Benny, in MY backyard, was a full-grown coyote! As the standoff continued, with the coyote NOT backing down and me SCREAMING for Benny to come in, Benny finally heard the word, “treat,” and turned toward me to come in.

I am sharing this story with you because very often, in these daily missives, I talk about fear. In my presentations, I sometimes share a slide, “FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real.” I share it because I hate that quote, it’s not ALWAYS true! Sometimes, when we are nose to nose with a coyote, fear is REAL! The key is being able to discern the difference between real fear (coyote fear) and fake fear (imagining all the things that could go wrong, but likely won’t).

So today, I want us to think about what is holding us back. What are we afraid to move forward with in our life? I completely understand that you and I have fear, but today I need both of us to look this fear in the eye and ask, “Coyote Real? or False Evidence…?” PLEASE back down if it’s Coyote Real, but if it’s not…

Let’s GO!!!!! WE GOT THIS!


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