What Needs to Change?

Good morning! It’s been a while since I last posted. Today I want to talk about change and how hard it is. People don’t like it. They will often do everything they can to avoid it. The status quo seems to be desired far more than anything new. And when leadership talks about change at work—almost everyone gets a bit irritable wondering what the new unknown will bring. 

But what if change was good? What if change opened us all up to see things in a new and different way? Even if we loved the old way, the new way is challenging our brain to think differently. Actually, it’s simply challenging our brain to think, the old way is already operating on auto pilot, so no thinking is necessary. 

Take a look at all that you’re about to do today. Is it the same or is it different? What does change mean to you? Is is bad or is it an opportunity for growth? Change isn’t always good, but neither is the status quo! Both can be good and both can be terrible. Today, take a look at your life and ask yourself, “What needs to change—for the better?” Sometimes simply asking ourselves this question opens us up to a world of possibilities—and possibilities are what we are looking for!


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