A Break In Life

Yesterday, I overheard one of my daughter’s say to my other daughter’s rescue dog, “Benny, you really won the lottery when we rescued you!” She was referring to his new life of “luxury” and love—he’s no longer living on the streets, all meals are included, he lives in a high-rise apartment, he’s loved beyond measure, and walks and dog parks happen 4x a day—he’s living his best life! And how did all this happen? He got a break in life when Katie rescued him.

Everybody needs a break. If you asked everyone in my family right now, “If you could get a break in life right now, what would it be?” I know all of us would have an answer. What if I asked you? What break would you want? How would work (or life) change if you could get this one break? Life would be easier, right?

Breaks happen because someone goes the extra mile for someone else. What if we asked our family, friends, or our colleagues, “If you could get a break right now, what would it be?” Maybe we can help, or maybe someone can help us. Benny lucked out. He never asked for help, Katie just showed up. But maybe we can create some good fortune today by asking. And if we can help, doesn’t everyone win? I think so!


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