Motivational Monday

On Saturday, in the oppressive sun and heat, my partner and I had a Districts tennis match. The women we were playing were very good. We won the first set by only one break in serve, 6-4. We were two games into the second set when I returned a ball to my opponent—she tried to short-hop it, her knee buckled ever so slightly, and she came up limp. We all ran over to see if she was ok and all she said was, “I heard a pop (in my knee).” We all knew the match was over. She retired after a 15-minute medical timeout.

While she was being attended to, we chatted with her partner who explained, “Her knee has been bothering her for about a week now. I told her to wear a knee brace—I even offered her mine.” Now I am not sure that anything would have played out differently with a knee brace because I’m not a doctor, but it all begs the question, “Why don’t we listen to our body?” 

Today I want you to think about what your body and your mind are calling for? Is it more sleep? Is it less work? Is it tranquility, peace, or love? Every day our body and our mind let’s us know what it needs and usually we not only ignore it, but we power through at the expense of it all—until one day when, like my opponent’s knee, it “gives way.” Her knee essentially said, “If you won’t take a break, then I’ll take one for you!” We can’t wait until our tank is empty to get gas (maybe you get very close though), we should get gas when it’s not urgent and important. Give it some thought about your body and your mind as well.


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