Motivational Monday

A week ago Saturday, something unbelievable happened in college football—two colossal underdogs toppled football royalty. Appalachian State University came into Kyle Field and in front 103,000 loyal Aggie fans, they took down the mighty giant 17-14. Fun Fact: their own multi-purpose stadium, Kidd Brewer Stadium, holds 30,000 fans. 

1,200 miles away from College Station, in South Bend, Indiana, another upset was happening. Marshall University marched into Notre Dame Stadium to face the Fighting Irish. Statistically, the betting community gave Marshall a 10% chance of winning, yet at the end of four quarters, and in front of 78,000 screaming University of Notre Dame fans, Marshall University won 26-21. 

I am sharing these two upsets with you to remind you that it’s possible! Anything is possible if you believe it can be. Anything is possible if you put your heart and soul into it. Upsets happen all the time. They aren’t the most likely scenario, but they happen. App. State and Marshall defeated these mighty giants on their home turf—imagine that? Comprehend what had to happen for these underdogs to win while away. Take all of that information and apply it to yourself. And if you are saying, “That’s impossible,” then it surely will be.


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