I don’t remember where I saw these two words over the weekend, but they definitely grabbed my attention. At first glance, I thought, ‘That’s cute,’ but then these two words really got me thinking. The words were, “Becoming me.” Have you ever thought about that? What does, “Becoming me,” mean to you?

Did you think, like I did, ‘I already know who I am’? At 56, there have been a lot of versions of me already, and although I am firm in who I am and what I stand for now, these two words made me stop and think. The truth is, I will forever be, “Becoming me.” I will always be growing and evolving into (hopefully) a much better version of who I am today. Perhaps, “Becoming me,” are two words we should take in and ruminate on every day.

If, “Becoming me,” was our daily mantra, what would you want to start to become today? Would it be more patient, understanding, grateful, humble, resilient, accepting, kind, honest, flexible, loving, thankful, courageous, trusting, giving, open-minded, etc? Maybe your good at all of these, but you could be great! That’s what, “Becoming me,” is all about, right? If there is breath left in us, there is the opportunity to continue to become the best version of us! “Becoming me,” requires that we are intentional about who we want to become, so…



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