On Monday, I had an appointment at Apple‘s Genius Bar to go over a few things I didn’t neccessarily understand very well. Now that statement may seem very benign to you, especially if technology and the inner workings thereof are your thing. But for me, that whole event, from making the appointment to actually showing up, was filled with fear and trepidation. So much so, it made me physically sick to my stomach. But it had to be done, so I put my “big girl” pants on, and went—alone—to prove to myself that I was brave.

In a nutshell, it couldn’t have gone more perfectly. Maria, at Quakerbridge Mall, took amazing care of me! She guided me through my external hard drive backup and helped me sort out Malware, etc. I left her safety and tutelage eventually, but felt confidant in what she had showed me, to do it all myself. I was proud of myself for being so brave.

Fear is a funny thing. It can be completely paralyzing, and it was for me. What are you afraid of moving forward on right now? Go back to yesterday’s post—be truthful with yourself—we need to start there. This fear is holding you back in some way. There are many ways to overcome fear, all are simply, but none are easy. Try this one: share your fear with someone you can count on to help you face it head on, someone who won’t let you back down, and someone who will champion you through to the end. I can help, too. DO NOT BACK DOWN FROM THIS FEAR!


Beth Fitzgerald

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