“We need one another. There’s no reason to judge. People are more fragile than you could possibly imagine.” ~ Jamie Tworkowski

I am a part of a prayer group that has been praying for others for years now. We get requests from all over and on any given day there are likely five to ten people we are actively praying for. Very often, we don’t even know the person we are praying for. The request comes usually because the person is sick or struggling. Regardless of who or why we are praying, I am reminded daily that people are struggling.

“If we always helped one another, no one would need luck.” ~ Sophocles

I met with some of my prayer group the other day for lunch. We hadn’t seen each other in so long due to Covid. It filled my heart to be with them and catch up. We all started to share our stories and I realized just how difficult life can be. We put up a brave front, but it doesn’t make the challenges any less formidable. Life is hard.

“Love one another. We don’t need more instructions, we need more examples.” ~ Bob Goff

On this Friday in August of 2021, I want you to realize how much we need one another. Let go of your brave front and talk to someone—let someone in. When you drop your brave front, they will feel safe to drop theirs. If prayer is your thing, pray for others—that will be good for both you and them. And finally, love one another! Seriously find a way to not only love those that you already love, but find a way to love your co-workers, love the sales clerk, love the person you love the least—it’s highly likely they need it most. Make your mission be that of making this place a better place to be. Otherwise, what’s the use?

With Gratitude,

Beth Fitzgerald

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