“The more obstacles I overcome, the stronger I become.” ~ Gracie Alvarez

This is a picture of what Doug and I encountered on our hike the other day at Tyler State Park. We were exhausted by the time we encountered this obstacle, but since we were unfamiliar with the hiking trails there, we turned around and hoped to find another way back to the entrance.

Frustrated and fatigued, we began our aimless, and slightly unhappy, trek back. As luck would have it, along came a man walking right toward the fallen tree. We decided to inform him of the impediment and ask how we can get back to the entrance. He points toward the fallen tree as our way. We question his directive, but he assured us we could get through by climbing over this arguably treacherous mess. We took him on his word and although it was a bit hairy, we got through to exactly where we wanted to be! Oh happy day!

I know you have obstacles that are in front of you right now. So do I. I’m not happy about it and I’m guessing you’re not either. But what if the obstacle is the way? What if the obstacles is there for us. If it wasn’t there, we wouldn’t learn or grow? Whatever that obstacles is, and I definitely have more than one, let’s embrace it. It’s a gift. It may be exactly what we need. This obstacle is going to make us better— it’s a game-changer!

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” Moliere



Tyler State Park, Newtown, PA

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