Everyone wants to be loved, liked, celebrated, and appreciated. We all want and need to have someone who accepts us, no matter what. We all know this, right? I believe all world religions teach, “love your neighbor as yourself,” so why do we have such a hard time making this our priority each and every day? And maybe a better question is, “Why are we surprised that each day holds so many relationship challenges—at work and at home?”

Imagine how things might change if we used those 5 words to solve all our problems? Are you in a leadership position? Maybe you have been focusing on motivation, emotional intelligence, performance, or the bottom line? What if you simply focused on loving, liking, celebrating, and appreciating first? Performance and the bottom line are the end-game, but how you get there makes all the difference.

Nobody wants to talk about love and work in the same sentence. Love has a lot of other nuances like caring, goodwill, friendliness, support, appreciation, empathy, compassion, fondness, kindness, and seeing the good in others. If it is human nature for all of us to want to be loved, liked, celebrated, and appreciated—then why would we not put our attention there first? I don’t get it. It’s simple, really.



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