Some proverbial sayings seem like they are full of wisdom and truth, but are they? Like, “No news is good news,” is that really true? Sometimes, I’m sure it is, but other times, believing that proverb can make us blind to what is really happening.

Like during a pandemic, for instance. “No news is good news,” is not necessarily true and we should not assume everything is fine. Most people are putting up a brave front and trudging through this stressful time, but to look out at our work colleagues, our team, our family, and our friends and think, “No news is good news,” is a bit like putting our head in the sand. Maybe there is another option.

What if we asked a question like, “What is your biggest challenge/struggle/obstacle right now with our current WFH/pandemic situation?” The answer to that question is what we all need to hear, and, “Nothing, I’m good,” is not an acceptable answer. Maybe we could lead with our biggest struggle. Everyone is not O.K. and “No news is not good news.” Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions. This should be a question that is asked with some regularity if we want to keep our finger on the pulse—and keeping our finger on the pulse is one adage I can definitely stand behind!


Beth Fitzgerald

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