I get fascinated by the most peculiar things. The other day, I saw my 90-pound dog open a bedroom door with her nose to let herself out. I chuckled as I thought about how resourceful she was, even without hands. And then I became fixated on the door. Doors, alone, are actually quite heavy and awkward to move. I’m sure I could move one, but not easily, and not far. But when it’s hanging by its hinges, everything changes. It moves freely and easily as if it’s weightless. The hinge changes everything.

People invented the hinge a long time ago out of necessity—it provided privacy as well as security—but it also changed the dead weight of the door into a weightless wonder. Let’s think about the heavy door and the hinge today. What is the “heavy door” in your life right now? It’s making life harder than it has to be. And you keep facing this challenge every day because you (and I) haven’t taken time to think about employing the hinge. Ask yourself, “What would make this easier?”

Would you keep all your doors if they didnt have hinges? Of course not! Today, I want all of us to think about something that’s heavy, challenging, and maybe even unpleasant, but that must get done. Do you have your “door” in your mind’s eye now? Good! Now think about how you can create a hinge. How can you make it easier? Can you delegate or ask for help? Can you outsource part of it? Are you spinning your wheels? There is a hinge just waiting for you (and me) to look for it. Ask my sweet Ella, the hinge is a game-changer.



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