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Stop Drifting Through Life!

5 Reasons why we drift aimlessly through life and how to overcome them.


Three Ways To Leverage Your Power And Use Your Influence For Good



How To Stand Out As A Leader

Being a good leader isn’t always easy, and being a great leader is even harder…


Is Your Head in the Sand?

One mistake I see quite often in leadership is the belief that everything is O.K. And during a pandemic—it’s an even bigger mistake. 


Remember When the World was Flat?

A long time ago people thought the world was flat—and that made perfect sense. Today, we laugh at the thought of the world being flat.


Why Women Don’t Ask For Help 

An honest look at how we’re hurting ourselves and how we can do better.


The Wake Up Call

Built on Beth’s trademark entertaining and witty storytelling and unique and straightforward approach to helping us see things in a new way, The Wake Up Call takes us through an entire calendar year of teachings on how we can confidently step forward in every aspect of our lives.

Why Work With Me?

Coaching is the most effective method available if you want to make a significant change, but not everyone is interested in committing to a formal long term plan. I offer one-on-one coaching consultations by the hour, giving you the flexibility to take as much, or little, time as you need.