Today, I want to keep it simple and short but powerful and helpful. What is the obstacle in front of you right now? You know—it’s the thing that keeps you up at night, or drains you of your energy during the day. You think about this a lot, and likely, to no avail. You really don’t want this thing to be a thing anymore, and if it were gone or resolved, you’d be happy!

Now, what if I told you it’s supposed to be there. This obstacle is there for you, it’s not happening to you. We look outwardly at most obstacles, but what if this obstacle made you turn inward? Inward is where all of our rich resources reside like fortitude, resiliency, grit, wisdom, etc.

This obstacle, although challenging and perhaps even annoying, is an opportunity for us to tap into all of our inner strengths. We can only feel defeated if we view this obstacle from the outside, like it has power over us. But from the inside, we can invoke our own inner strength. So here are a few things you might want to say to yourself: “What opportunity is this obstacle presenting to me, so I can tap into my best self? What inner strength do I need to tap into to overcome this obstacle? When have I successfully used this strength before? Can I find a way to be grateful for this challenge?”



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