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Life Coach? That title is really a misnomer, if you ask me. Before I give you a better title, let me tell you a little about myself..

Life coaching is the act of empowering you to harness your dreams, goals, and aspirations.  It is very hard to see yourself if you are in the frame.  Life coaching is a collaboration between coach and client working together to discover your purpose, create a plan to pursue this purpose so you can exponentially grow your joy and happiness.   Regardless of what your dreams and aspirations are, you are the only one that holds the key.  The answers lie within you.  You just need some assistance unlocking the door.

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Built on Beth’s trademark entertaining and witty storytelling and unique and straightforward approach to helping us see things in a new way, The Wake Up Call takes us through an entire calendar year of teachings on how we can confidently step forward in every aspect of our lives.




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What do you want for 2022? Who do you want to be? Who were you meant to be? How are you going to get there? What will keep you on track for a FULL year?

The Wake Up Call Book Club is the like-minded community that you’ve been looking for. We are going to support each other through 2022! Each month we will connect on the 2nd Monday of the month, via Zoom, to discuss our goals and any struggles that have gotten in the way of our ultimate success! We will use the daily motivation within The Wake Up Call as our anchor to keep us focused on remaining motivated and producing results. Nothing is stopping us this year! Nothing!

Sign up today! I have decided that the best gift I can give you for joining this journey, outside of the journey itself, is to make it exceptionally affordable! So I have chosen $98 as the TOTAL cost for all 12 months! Now, what’s stopping you?

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The Emerging Leaders Development Program

This 6-week professional development program is designed to help aspiring leaders, like you, to accelerate your professional development and advance your careers. This program is comprised of six live online calls, each consisting of a one-hour interactive workshop that meets each week.

In each class, I will explore all of these individual topics in-depth. I will provide perspective on how and why each of these topics can play a critical role in your career development, especially for emerging leaders like yourself. The interactive component of these calls will allow everyone to engage fully in the curriculum. After each call, you will have a firm understanding of how you can take the next step to improve that particular aspect of your professional development. Completing all six classes will put you in a position to successfully and confidently advance your career.

The 6 class syllabus includes:

    1. NAVIGATING your upward mobility with career mapping. 

   2. Creating a PRESENCE — letting your voice be heard and increasing your exposure, especially in virtual meetings.

   3. How to handle DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS, as well as how to NEGOTIATE better in work and life.

   4. How to effectively leverage your POWER.

   5. Overcoming FEAR and finding SUCCESS

   6. How to build your RESUME – by  being  the person you want to see on your resume.

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    Ways to Work Together

    Do you want to get better results, be more successful, feel happier, feel more fulfilled, and be a better leader? Then maybe a coach is exactly what you need! Navigating the complicated challenges of personal growth and professional development without a coach isn’t easy. My goal is to help each client unlock all of their potential so they are happy, motivated, successful, and fulfilled.




    It’s true—two heads are better than one. 1:1 mentoring provides the guidance and support necessary to navigate this challenging journey of personal and professional growth.


    Women in Leadership

     A program focused on maximizing your unique leadership strengths, to position yourself for career advancement, and to stand out as a great leader.


    emerging leaders

      A professional development program designed to fast-track your leadership skills.


    Success Academy

     A customized program focused on advancing your professional skill set to position you for optimal career growth.