Miss an Exit

Have you ever been driving on a highway and suddenly realize that you just passed the exit you need to get off at? I’m sure most of us have had that experience. For me, it warrants a big “Argh!!” as I continue to travel on to the next exit to make my adjustments so I can get back on track. (Please tell me you are not the person that immediately puts your car in reverse on a major highway and backsup!)

Well, life is the same way when we “miss an exit.” When we find ourselves on a road we no longer want or need to be on, we don’t stay on because it is too much of a hassle to get off. We don’t stay on the wrong road because it’s convenient. We get off! We get off because this is not the right road for us, we are going the wrong way.

Do you feel like you missed your exit? Is this truly the right road for you? Is this even the right direction? Are you off course? If so, you know that all the controls for this journey are in your hands. You can stop at any time and reassess; you can ask for help (ask me!); you can choose a completely new direction. The controls have and always will be right in front of you, but only you can make the change. I know it’s scary, but it’s far better than being on the wrong road! Trust me, I’ve been there.

With Gratitude,


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