Why Are Placebos So Effective?

Answer me this, Rabbit: Why are placebos so effective? Sometimes placebos are just as effective as traditional treatments. Furthermore, the placebo can still be effective when the patient is given a pill labeled “placebo”. Why?

I am not arguing about the efficacy of pills, but rather the power of our minds. The idea that our brain can convince our body that a fake treatment is the real thing ā€” the so-called placebo effect ā€” and thus stimulate healing, is beyond incredible!!! Don’t you agree?

If our mind can help heal us, what else can it do? It is a lot more than positive thinking. Check out the article in Harvard Health Publishing: https://www.health.harvard.edu/ā€¦/the-power-of-the-placebo-eā€¦. The mind is an incredible resource available to us every day, but I question whether we are using it to its fullest potential. Hmm.

With Gratitude,

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