Motivational Monday

Yesterday, I watched the end of the Packers-Rams game. The Packers were poised to upset the undefeated Rams in the 4th quarter with only a little over a minute remaining. The Packers were down 27-29 but they were receiving the kick-off; all they needed was a field goal to win. With 1:16 remaining, Aaron Rodgers could do that blindfolded.

All kickoff returner Ty Montgomery had to do was stay in the end zone for a touchback which would give Rodgers the football on the 25. Montgomery had one task—do NOT lose possession. That’s it! Unfortunately for the Packers, Montgomery chose to run it out of the end zone which resulted in a very quick fumble, loss of possession, and ultimately loss of the game.

Every day we, too, have one task; one thing we really need to accomplish. This thing is big. It’s the one thing that will further our career or get us to the next level, but just like Montgomery, we often pick something else. Today, ask yourself “What is the one thing I REALLY need to do today?” This morning I know what Ty Mongomery would tell you—”Learn from my mistake.” No more messing around; let’s get this thing DONE!

With Gratitude,

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