Motivational Monday!

Yesterday, I received a gift. Actually, I guess it was many gifts although it only looks like one. It was a t-shirt from my amazing and dear friend, Bonnie. The shirt was simple and gray with just one long word on it:


I love this t-shirt, phrase, and movement. How many times a day do you think you could stop yourself in
mid-thought or action and say “I’m kinder than that?” For me, it’s a lot. 100’s for sure! Maybe even 1000’s. And I think I’m a kind person!

Today, on behalf of the founder of #imkinderthanthat Wendy Sullivan, I want to say “Thank you for this one simple phrase and mantra! The world needs it right now.” It’s Monday and I can’t think of a better way to start the week than with this guiding principle!

With Gratitude,
Here is the website:

P.S. Be kind…It’s my first official day with WordPress and I¬†fought valiantly to rotate this picture to the right for all of you, but ultimately had to throw in the towel! Seems fitting for today, right?

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