Meetings: The Big Time-Suck

Here is an interesting fact – especially if you attend a lot of meetings: 9 out of 10 people daydream in meetings. This statistic was provided by Dr. Donald E. Wetmore from the Productivity Institute and a man who has been speaking on time-management for over 20 years.

Think about that statistic the next time you find yourself in a meeting: 90% of the people sitting in the room aren’t really “there” — and one of them might be you!! This is why when I am asked to join a committee or assist in a fundraiser, my reply is the same: “Assign me any task but I will not attend your meetings.”

Not everyone has the option of refusing to attend meetings so what can you do? First, speak up! Convey your observations if the meetings are inefficient. Other great ideas include set strict time limits (beginning and ending on time or early), agendas handed out in advance with a defined purpose (outcomes, actions, and deadlines) and determine priorities. Currently, 90% of the attendees aren’t listening anyway so it can’t hurt!

With Gratitude,

P.S. There is an “urban legend” that Mike Bloomberg used to take the chairs out of conference rooms so meetings would go quicker. Apparently, comfortable seating means people will happily stay longer! Daydreaming, of course!!

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