The Dumping Ground

Have you ever said, “Yes,” when you really meant, “No”? Do you think you fall under the category of generous and helpful? Or do you think it’s possible you are a people pleaser? Whether it is at work or at home, are you giving way more than you are receiving? Have you ever thought about how unhealthy this lifestyle can be both mentally as well as physically?

From our perspective, being the “yes man,” appears to make us many things like likable, dependable, a team-player, a hard worker, etc. But guess what else it makes us? It makes us a fertile dumping ground. Because we’ve made it clear that we can and will always step up, we have let the world know we have no boundaries or guidelines, we are always “open for business,” so let the dumping begin!

Today you might want to ask yourself if you are willing to use the word, “No.” This “No” is important because it’s a sign of self-respect. If your mind immediately went to, “But what will they think (of me),” or “Who will do it if I say no,” then maybe you have some boundary issues. What often develops when we fail to set up proper boundaries is a lack of respect from those around us—which we helped spawn. If we don’t have the discipline to create and honor our boundaries, no one else will do it for us. Others learn to respect us and our limits when we respect them first. If we don’t know our own boundaries, how will anyone else know them? It’s time to exercise our boundary muscles, ESPECIALLY now when we are working from home.

With Gratitude,

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