The “I’s” Have It

Yesterday, I received a text from a client of mine who is a student athlete at college. She spent the entire winter break working out every day to be prepared for the possibility of a season. The season was not and is still not guaranteed, but she maintained her workout schedule as if it was certain and assured. The text I received was this: “I just finished practice and I am very proud of the work I have done!” Immediately I thought, ‘Wow!

‘The beauty of that text was in all the I’s: “I practiced,” “I’m proud,” and “I’ve done!” No one affirmed her, she affirmed herself. There was no mid-year or annual review, there was no compliments or pats on the back. It was simply this young lady acknowledging her own hard work and the rewards she reaped from grinding every day. I love it!

You and I work hard every day, too. Some of us don’t have a boss to pat us on the back. And all of us have that negative tape running through our mind on a daily basis which rarely says anything good. Sometimes we simply need to affirm ourselves—maybe more than sometimes! Today, focus on something you’re proud of and give yourself a well-deserved compliment. Please don’t skip this part! It’s really important. Take a minute or two and deliver yourself a meaningful and heartfelt compliment. Start with “I.” Look, I’m proud of you, but I need YOU to be proud of you!

With Gratitude,


P.S. If you have an extra minute, click on some of the hyperlinks in this post to help remind you how amazing you truly are!

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