I have an Apple watch. I love all the different things it does for me—it’s definitely smart. But the one thing it can’t do is decipher whether I am really traveling a distance or just moving in place. Just because I am moving doesn’t necessarily mean I am getting from Point A to Point B. I could still be at Point A.

I believe the same is true for you and me. Every day we have a lot of movement. Every day we do a lot, but we need to ask ourselves, “Am I make progress toward my desired destination?” Movement and progress are not the same thing. Busy work and productive work do not produce the same outcomes. And sometimes, we unintentionally hide behind our busy work and then question why we are not making progress.

Today, ask yourself the tough questions like, “Are my actions helping me reach my desired outcome? Do I need to be more intentional and purposeful? Am I hiding behind my busy work? What am I afraid of doing and why? How can I make progress so that I don’t remain at Point A when I really want to be at Point B? Treadmills serve a purpose, but they are not helping us reach our desried destination—we have to hit the road for that.



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