Last week, I spent all day Thursday and Friday on a Zoom call for a 2-day Summit. The Summit is held annually by the non-profit; I serve on their board. We have 33 ministries all around the world. Part of the Summit was to see the video updates from each location, all of which were fantastic—and they made me think of you and me.

Some of the locations are in places like Malawi, Uganda, Liberia, and Honduras. These amazing people have created fully functioning and successful non-profits in these third world countries, but not without their own hardships. So far I have learned that these brave people have had malaria, were homeless, were ostracized by their family, have electricity for the first time, have running water for the first time, etc.

Their hardships are well beyond what I have ever experienced in my life, yet they are incredibly successful.Why were they successful given all of the disadvantages they had? How did they persevere through this and more? What are their attributes that supported their determination? I believe it’s at least these three things: (1) they used their entire support system and did not try to go it alone, (2) not succeeding had too great a cost to accept so they kept going even though it got tough, and (3) they used the belief others had in them even when the belief they had in themselves was not so strong. Are you and I trying to go it alone? Have we thought about using a support system? I think we are making it harder than it has to be. Asking for help makes us smarter, not weaker. Give that some thought.



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