Left Brain-Right Brain

Today, Secretariat, I am going to suggest that you and I write out our goals. Even if we simply write out one goal, we are 42% more likely to achieve this goal simply because we wrote it down. That’s crazy, right? Why is writing out our goal such a game-changer?

First, our minds work at about 1000 words/minute. When we write, the mind slows down to about 100 words/minute. This creates space for deeper and higher thoughts to emerge. Second, journaling connects the right and left brain hemishperes. The left is more logical, the right is more creative, but by journaling, we combine them both for the best possible outcome. Third, journaling allows us to detach from our thoughts and feelings so we can experience them more objectively, which we can all benefit from!

Finally, I want us to write them down so we have something we can review weekly to see how we are doing! What’s your goal? Is it to lose weight, or change jobs, or fix your finances? Take the time to write this goal out in detail. Why is this your goal? Why may be the most important question we ask ourselves, because when it gets challenging—and it will get challenging—we better know why we want it. That answer is exactly what’s going to keep us from scrapping the goal altogether.



P.S. I am hosting a Goal Setting Online Workshop on January 25th! I hope you’ll join me as we learn how to write kick-a$$ goals. The best part is that you leave class with 1-2 goals perfectly written! 2022 is YOUR year!!

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