Anger is a Front

Have you ever been angry with someone? Are you angry with someone right now? We all have been, right? We are only human. Please keep that person in the front of your mind as I explain a little bit about how anger manifests energetically.

Anger is rarely ever anger. Anger is an outlet for a more fundamental emotion, and that emotion is fear. Imagine, your toddler runs into the street, without looking to see if it was safe to enter, to retrieve a stray ball. What’s our knee-jerk reaction? Screaming, right? Perhaps even scolding. The toddler sees a very angry parent, but the underlying emotion is fear as well as profound love. The toddler was definitely not feeling the love at that very moment.

So who are you angry with? Instead of perseverating on your anger, why not take a look at the deeper emotion of fear. What are you afraid of? Teenagers seem angry all the timeā€”it’s fear. Spouses seem angry, too. Again, it’s fear. And bosses get angry, but try to find the fear. It’s there. If you can pinpoint the fear, you can find the exact point where compassion can infiltrate the whole relationship and then everything changes. Don’t be fooled by an angry person, their explosive verbal and/or physical outbursts are more likely a facade for fear. When you see the fear, everything softens.



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