Last night we were under a tornado warning from 6pm until about 9 pm. My husband, my son, my two dogs, and me hunkered down in the basement for three hours to remain safe until the risk of the tornado passed. I was texting with other family members and friends who were in the same boat—pardon the pun—trying to assess what was coming at us and when. I wouldn’t say I was scared, but we were all definitely a little on edge with the uncertainty of it all.

What’s important to you? That’s what I asked myself this morning once I finally heard from some of my family who were definitely in harms way last night. We often get lured into the seduction of status, materialistic items, or luxuries, but is that what is truly important to us? Would you choose status over your health? Would you choose materialistic items over love? Would you choose luxuries over family and friends?

The truth is that health, family, friends, love, passion, and purpose are all priceless. No amount of money can buy them. Bill Gates can’t buy health. Richard Branson can’t buy love. Oprah Winfrey can’t buy family. If you have these 6 things in your life, you are richer than all the billionaires put together. If you’ve been seduced into pursuing things like status, materialistic items, or luxuries, take one step back today and give some thought to what’s really important to you. It’s an important exercise because the answer probably isn’t an expensive handbag or a luxury car. Today is a reset.



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