Running On Empty⛽

Do you wait for your car to get down to E before you refill the tank? Did you know that doing so can damage the car? The bottom of the tank is where all the debris settles, so when we let our car get that low on gas, the only thing there is to be pulled in by the fuel pump is gunk.

The same is true with us. Do you wait until you are completely depleted before you refill your tank? Running on empty is not healthy for us and it certainly isn’t the best decision for our body either. Just like our car, we can run on empty, but it’s a really bad decision.

I think my low-fuel-light just went on. How about you? Have you looked at your fuel gauge recently? I certainly don’t want to run on crud, gook, or muck. We have one vessel here and unfortunately, it’s not a 3-year lease, so we better take good care of it because it has to last us a lifetime! I’m headed to the gas station, what about you?

With Gratitude,

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