Motivational Monday!

When you think about achieving success, what words come to mind? Would it be wealth, position, honors, fame, achievement, or performance? Those words would absolutely come to my mind. I know people with all of those accomplishments but I wouldn’t necessarily call them a success.

Strikingly, the definition of success does not include words like happy, fulfilled, beloved, passionate, grateful, purposeful, etc. Meriam-Webster‘s definition, to me, is hollow. Some of the most successful people I know would fail to meet Meriam Webster‘s definition, but they are nonetheless successful. What is your definition of success?

Revisit the word success today, but peruse my definition. Are you happy and fulfilled? What about passionate and full of purpose? If you were to ask Warren.Buffett about success, he would ask you – “Are you loved?” He believes love is the greatest measure of success – to be loved so greatly that you will be missed. Yes, Warren, I believe you nailed it. That is how success should be defined!

With Gratitude,

Buffett’s full article from Inc. Magazine:…/warren-buffett-says-it-doesnt-matter-…

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