Think a Better Thought

The other day, during a presentation, a woman was confessing her struggle with motivation. As she described a recent scenario, she explained how she knew exactly what she “should” be doing but wasn’t. She also described her reluctance to move forward as both her fear of failure and/or rejection.

Who hasn’t felt that way before? Everyone’s hand should go up on that one. I often describe that as analysis paralysis. I conjure up so many great reasons why I “can’t”, but truthfully it’s more of an “I won’t”. The woman who bravely shared her truth with all of us wanted to know how to overcome this Catch-22.

The answer I gave her was simple: “Think a better thought.” That statement is brilliant in its simplicity but perhaps easier said than done. Think a better thought! We allow ourselves to be captive to our first thought, but if we don’t like our first thought, then we can think a better one! Our minds will control us if we allow it. OR, we can control our mind. It is our choice. Give it a try. Think a better thought!!

With Gratitude,

“What thought can think, another thought can mend.” Robert Southwell

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