Is It Worth It?

The college admissions scandal has me talking to myself. As I read more and more of the details, I find myself saying, “Was it really worth it?” Was your child going to Yale, Georgetown, or USC worth going to jail?

Surely most of us will say “No,” but maybe it is still a great question to ask ourselves even if we have not recently committed a felony. Stop and take a quick inventory of what you are doing in your life and ask yourself “Is it worth it?”

Life is short. Here are some inventory items: your job, your time management, your relationships, your health, and your finances. It’s too late for the players in this college scandal to ask themselves in the present tense “Is it worth it” but it is not too late for us. What, in your life, might not be worth the price you are paying? Now go fix it.

With Gratitude,

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