The Teacher

I am sure you have heard the quote “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” which can be attributed to Buddha or Karate Kid, depending on who you ask. Recently, I saw a similar quote: When your eyes have seen your teacher, your teacher disappears. This is a different take, but equally powerful.

We tend to look at life through our own lens. If you have ever been in an argument and have become exasperated because the other person couldn’t see your side, then you understand “the lens.” The opposite is also true; have you ever had a moment where you said “Wow, I never looked at it that way before!” Your lens just expanded.

Do you have something that is frustrating you? Annoying you? Challenging you? Yup, me too. Well, that’s our teacher and the more we fight this thing, the longer the” teacher” stays around. Take a moment to “see” the teacher; ask yourself, what am I being asked to learn here that my lens is not allowing me to see? And then, when your eyes “see your teacher—your teacher will disappear.” This is powerful stuff.

With Gratitude,

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