As ‘Luck’ May Have It

Andrew Luck, the 29 -year-old phenom who graduated from Stanford University, abruptly announced his retirement from the Indianapolis Colts recently. Luck emotionally confessed, “For the last fours years or so I have been in this cycle of injury, pain, rehab, injury, pain, rehab, and it’s been unceasing.” He added, “It has taken my joy of this game away.” And then, after taking 15 seconds or so to compose himself, he was able to utter just one word, “Sorry.”

The story that made the headlines though was when the Indianapolis Colts Fans started booing him Saturday night at a preseason home game in Lucas Oil Stadium. Most people would be proud of Luck for making such a well thought out decision about his life based almost exclusively on health and happiness. Of course I disagree with the fans who booed him but I will refrain from judgement as I am sure it was a knee-jerk reaction to their disappointment over hearing they will lose their beloved Luck.

How many of you reading this feel a little bit like Luck? Beaten up, maybe not physically but emotionally. How many of you can resonate with his words of ‘taken my joy away’? Luck is walking away from a lot, but can we really put a price on health and happiness? The courage behind his decision, knowing how disappointed all of Indianapolis would be, is incomprehensible to me. Andrew Luck, well done! You taught us all what is most important in life. Our health and our happiness shouldn’t be open for negotiation. 

With Gratitude,


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