Motivational Monday!

As we enter week 5 of quarantine in NJ and work-from-home (WFH) is now our new normal, we have a potential blind spot in our relationships with those we love the most in our own home. How could that be? These are the people we are spending ALL of our time with.

WFH means there are very few clear cut lines like departing for work, a lunch hour, or arriving home; work is available 24-7. Since this style of work isn’t going away any time soon, here are a few tips for making sure we are truly connecting with those we love the most and not just being in constant close proximity.

There are 4 transition points during the day to make a powerful connection with whomever is in our home: when they first wake up, lunch, dinner, and bedtime. What if we took these 4 points of connectivity and engaged fully (no phone, no laptop) for 5-minutes (more or less) with the person we love? Ask open-ended questions, really give them our undivided attention. These people are not just our new “co-workers,” they are the people who matter the most. If they matter the most then we need to act accordingly. It’s all about setting priorities. Hit these 4 data points and tell me your day wasn’t significantly better. It’s your choice.

With Gratitude,

P.S. My free book giveaway this week is for another kind of hero, the one who continues to go to work so we can get groceries, or gas, or anything else that is putting themselves at risk everyday. Please email your nominations with a short explanation of why you are nominating this frontline hero! email me at

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