The Moral Bucket List

Yesterday, I had the privilege of listening to Thomas Capone interview Tom Peters on his podcast. If you’re not familiar, Tom Peters has written many books but In Search of Excellence is that for which he is most well known. For 30 minutes, everything that came out of his mouth was brilliant. But one thing that really grabbed my attention was in reference to another writer, David Brooks from The New York Times, and an article he wrote in April of 2015 titled, The Moral Bucket List.

Brooks talks about the difference between 2 types of virtues: resume virtues and eulogy virtues. We all know eulogy virtues are more important than resume virtues but our culture fixates on the resume, on career success, and on climbing the corporate ladder. We can have both but we need to think about developing that inner light and not just that external drive.

There is a rich, deep, and meaningful success awaiting you and me, but we need to do the work. If our vision for the future only has you or me in the frame, then we missed the point; we are not focused on the inner light. The great leader arrives not alone, but with a whole crowd, and says, “We made it!” Alone or together? Shallow or rich and deep and meaningful? It’s our choice. Let’s GO! Turn on your inner light and let those around you see it shine! Perhaps the person who “wins” isn’t the first one to get there, but rather the one who arrives joyfully with the biggest flock.

 With Gratitude,
PS Here is David Brooks article:

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