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“Every day is not a success. Every year is not a success. You have to celebrate the good.” Reese Witherspoon

Have you ever attended an NFL Super Bowl Party? Yes, me. too. Have you ever attended a NFL Week 12 party? Probably not. No, why would anyone want to attend a party celebrating some success but not the pinnacle of success? Is it not really success if we didn’t win the big trophy? Maybe or maybe not.

I am not an “every kid should get a trophy” kind of gal, but when I look at life, especially through the lease of a pandemic, I’m starting to think we don’t celebrate our “wins” nearly enough. I do believe we wait for the big win, the Super Bowl win, before we embrace success, but I believe that’s a mistake. Life is short. There are a lot of things to celebrate all along the way to the “Super Bowl” of work and life.

So give it some thought. Maybe half birthdays should be celebrated. Maybe our work team has done an incredible job during the pandemic and they should be celebrated. Maybe managing through a difficult situation that hasn’t seen an end yet needs to be celebrated now. Some years we aren’t in the Super Bowl—and some teams never make it to the Super Bowl. Waiting for that huge win is overlooking all the little wins along the way. Even in the NFL, there are 16 regular season games—all of which may be worthy of celebrating. Like Reese said, “You have to celebrate the good.” What the heck are we waiting for?

With Gratitude,


P.S. To be clear, celebrating during a pandemic means safely and responsibly. It could be just with your family or on Zoom. It’s simply about acknowledging all of your hard work.

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