Motivational Monday!

Doug and I spent this past weekend in Vermont. The foliage was absolutely breathtaking. The weather was perfect—picturesquely sunny fall days and crisp, clear nights with star-filled skies. And this was available to everyone—free of charge. That’s the beauty of nature, right? Free to all. But there’s one catch, we can’t own it or hold on to it in any way. It’s only available to all of us in its present form.

Take, for example, that beautiful foliage I told you about: it is not mine to keep. No one can keep it. Soon, all the trees will be bare, and snow may come, and that, too, will be available for everyone to appreciate. Unlike money and things, the beauty of nature cannot be stockpiled; it can only be seen, appreciated, and then released. We can hold onto the memory, but nothing else.

As humans, we love to accumulate things, but in our drive to do so, are we forgetting to really and truly appreciate the very things around us that bring us joy and happiness? Are we overlooking the present because of our obsession with the future. It’s important to plan for the future, but if you never pick your head up, you’re definitely missing the present. There’s some really great “foliage” happening right now, in your own home, that you might be missing. And if you think I mean leaves, you missed the point. Pick your head up, the beauty is all around you—always has been. It’s priceless and it’s fleeting. Pay attention.

With Gratitude,


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