A Long Winter

With the weather starting to get colder, and the news beginning to report that Covid cases are rising across America, are you beginning to wondering how you will get through winter during a pandemic? Me, too. It has started to sound like winter will be very long and very dark. Maybe you’ve even started to think about how you will combat this challenge.

The natural reaction is to think of self. What will you buy to keep you outside longer? Is it an outdoor heater or a fire pit? What restaurants have outdoor heaters so you can still enjoy dining out? Thinking like this, although helpful, is not the best answer. This kind of thinking is “me thinking,” it’s small and self centered and might not be powerful enough to combat the long winter. Studies show that if we can direct our attention off of ourselves and onto other people or other things, this will often make us more productive and happier.

How do we do that? Finding a clear sense of purpose is a good start. Can we volunteer online? Maybe we can tutor, or participate in a scientific study done by citizens. “I don’t have the time,” is no longer a viable excuse because we can now do it from home in our pajamas. Finding a clear sense of purpose may also be our saving grace when it comes to this winter – find that which is greater than you or me. Get out of “me thinking” and think bigger! What are you passionate about? Find out now and volunteer. It will likely be the bright light we all need in our life that will guide us through the darkness. Let’s give it a shot! It certainly sounds like everyone wins on this!

With Gratitude,


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