Motivational Monday!

This is the last Motivational Monday in 2020—next Monday will be 2021! I would love to say, “Oh, how time flies,” but for 2020, nothing went quickly—or painlessly. 2020 was like slow torture, and I’m certainly glad it’s coming to an end. I will not miss 2020, and may I speak for all of us when I say, “Please let 2021 be a better year!”

We have 4 days until the new year begins and I’d love to know if you’ve made a list of what you want in 2021? This isn’t necessarily goal setting, but perhaps the precursor. This is the brainstorming, wishful thinking, dreaming, imagining, and envisioning. This isn’t just for career growth, this is for everything. It’s for relationships, wealth, health, career, fun, travel, creativity, personal growth, etc. This is all about what you want for 2021, so if you don’t think about, no one else is going to think about it for you!

As we head into the new year, please give some thought to two words: catalyst and drifter. We can either be a catalyst for our own dreams and visions OR we can drift along hoping that somehow they will happen. By choosing the word “catalyst,” we have chosen to be the change. We have agreed that we will make it happen. By default, if we don’t choose to be the catalyst for ourselves, we have chosen to drift. We have hung our hat on hope versus action. The choice is ours. What will you choose for 2021? I challenge all of us to write a list of at least 5 things we are committed to changing in 2021. Be the catalyst! No one is going to be the catalyst for you. Hope is not a plan, action is.

With Gratitude,


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